Belt Junction Conveyor (BJ)

Baggage handling system

Gravity Rollers

They are designed to manually and safely transfer baggage in inspection areas or for another purposes. These rollers are made in two forms of Pack Gravity Roller (PGR) which has the flexibility to reduce and increase the length and inclined/declined Gravity Roller.


Degree Merge – Belt Junction Conveyor (BJ)

Belt Junction Conveyor is used to transfer and inject baggage smoothly and quickly from one conveyor line onto another with a degree of 45◦.



MVD is used to integrate loads from two linear conveyors at two different heights.
SVD is also used to separate loads from a linear conveyor to two linear conveyors at two different heights.



The system is used to transfer passengers’ bags in many cases, such as guiding and separating suitcases in the BHS, returning the passenger’s bags from the airplane and transporting luggage from high to low places where there is space constraint.


VB (Verical Belt)

This device is used for changing the route and distorting the passenger load from BF and Carousel. Our unique design ensures reliable and safe transport of all types of baggage, moreover, it has an easily maintained and durable design.


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